Caring for crochet/knit items

For unlined bags, please do not put heavy items in them, as it can stretch and ruin the bag.
Be careful with putting small items in unlined bags.
If loose ends appear, do not pull on them. If you can, tuck the ends in.

Some items contain lace, which may arrive a bit wrinkled. If that is the case, only the lace piece may be ironed. Use the "synthetic" heat setting on your clothing iron to straighten it out.

Washing your crochet/knit item

Remove charms (if any) and hand-wash gently with cold water and mild detergent. Air dry on a flat surface.

Caring for jewelry pieces

Please be gentle and do not bend! If your charm does bend out of shape, gently bend it back into shape again.
Avoid liquid, heat, and prolonged sun exposure.